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The cities and locations mentioned in the first book of Alliance.125

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Albedo is the hub of the space transportation. It is a restricted area surrounded by a mine field. Albedo is located to the north of Gavialis. The J Train runs between Albedo and the city. 
Avena is the biggest town in the Taurusia Sector, in Terra Unionia. Anamona and Lena grew up in Avena.
Cold Pit
Cold pit is a prison in the north pole of the Moon.
Enovii is a suburb of Gavialis and it is located to the west of the city. The main power plants of Gavialis run in Enovii. The E Train runs between the suburb and the city.
Erasmia is one of the ten world cities.
Gallinula is one of the ten world cities, locating on the south hemisphere.
Gaskar is a big uninhabitable island on the Blue Ocean near th Equator. The Gaskar Prison locates on the southernmost tip of the island.
Gavialis is the biggest city in the world and the capital of the world nation. It locates on the northern hemisphere and therefore it is counted as one of the Cancer Tropic cities. Jani, Lu, Mari and Saia are from Gavialis.
Linai is a suburb of Gavialis where the city’s waste recycling is carried out. It is located on the south of the city. Alongside waste recycling, also the control room of Cold Pit is located in Linai. The U Train runs between Gavialis and the suburb.
Makaira is one of two ocean cities of the world. This city was founded originally for research purposes. Makaira located in the Great Ocean.
Pinus is the biggest city in the Pinia Sector and the capital city of Terra Unionia. Tilia and Lemmus live in Pinus.
Populus is a small Terra Unionian locality in the Taurusia Sector.
Rukia is a suburb of Gavialis. It is located in the east of the city and has many heavy industry factories. The R Train runs between Rukia and Gavialis.
Ulmus is the biggest city in Ursavia Sector, Terra Unionia.
Vireo is one of the world cities. It is the most eastern city in the Capricorn Tropic, in the southern hemisphere. Unlike the other nine world cities, Vireo is not divided in circles but in sectors.